Established under the Kensington Improvement Act 1851


We need your help! Join the Garden Management Subcommittee

Please come to the next AGM or contact us if you would like to join the Garden Management Subcommittee.

Requirements are not onerous: Garden Charge-payer; attendance of 4 - 6 Subcommittee meetings annually, lasting approx 90 minutes each, weekdays at 20.00 hrs; no specialist knowledge of plants or gardening required (though very welcome!)

Skills in demand include database management, ability to assist with key administration and calling out electricians etc when required.

Many Garden Squares now employ managing agents to deal with all the things - key administration, finances, engaging gardeners, arranging works - which we as a Subcommittee do as volunteers and this is reflected in the much lower level of Garden Charge in Earls Court Square than in nearly all other Garden Squares. Our ability to continue to do this on behalf of all residents is dependent on sufficient residents being prepared to devote a little time to help run our glorious, unique garden.

Do contact us if you can help!