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Identify the trees in the garden using the 2022 tree map below. Our trees are located within a Conservation Area, and covered by a Tree Preservation Order.

tree map

1. London Plane opp. 29
2. Portuguese Laurel.
3. London Plane opp. 27.
4. London Plane opp. 25.
5. Elm.
6. Variegated Holly.
6a. Viburnum/Pyracantha.
6b. Almond.
6c. Almond.
7. Variegated Holly opp 14.
8. Plum opp 16.
9. Sycamore opp. 18.
10. Liquid Amber.
11. Crab Apple opp 20.
12. Cherry opp. 22.
13. London Plane opp 24.
14. Crab Apple.
15. Holly opp Ferndale Mews.
16. Stump of Wych Elm opp. 26 (diseased Elm removed 2021).
17. Cherry.
18. London Plane, SE corner.
19. Purple Plum opp 40c.
20. Holly opp 41.
21. London Plane opp 42.
22. Crab Apple.
23. London Plane opp 44.
24. Holly opp 46.
25. Holly opp 48.
25a. Photina.
26. Sycamore.
26a. Variegated Narrow Leafed Holly? (Ilex x altaclarensis ‘Belgica Aurea'?)
26b. Ash leafed Maple.
27. London Plane opp 63.
28. Cherry opp. 61.
29. Tulip Tree opp 57.
30. Plum opp 56.
31. Lilac opp 56.
32. London Plane opp 55.
33. London Plane.
34. Willow leafed Pear.
35. Pride of India.


• 2022

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• 2022

Tree surgery around the garden 22nd-25th March & 6th June 2022

The triennial pruning of the large plane trees in the garden, as well as routine maintenance to tidy the holly and other trees, will be carried out by the Tree Agency over 4 days in March and 1 day in June. During this time, access to all or part of the garden may be restricted for safety reasons. Parking restrictions will be in place around the garden.

• 2021

Tree surgery on plane tree on west side of Garden

During a visit by the RBK&C arboriculturist earlier in the year, an observation was made of possible Massaria disease of London Plane (MDP) in one of our mature plane trees. This disease is unfortunately affecting a number of plane trees in the area, including on Royal Avenue, Chelsea.

A follow-up inspection of all trees by The Tree Agency confirmed the following:

'A climbing inspection for MDP was carried out on 13 July 2021 with some concern noted to inspect a limb over the garden with an easterly aspect which had a strip of discoloured bark. On further investigation it was revealed that it was strip canker due to severe pruning during drought & sapwood drying out. While climbing, MDP was discovered on secondary limbs attached to the primary limb. The limb MDP was removed (3m)...the NE primary stem was found to be moderately infected with MDP in the upper crown. The vertical stem had signs of shear cracks & later found the substantial stem was hollow 11m below the discovered MDP above. To compound this, strip canker was evident running down the stem to the cavity.'

As a result, we have had to have significant surgery performed on the tree to remove the affected parts, pre-empt further structure failure and equalise the crown of the tree due to the large stem reduction. The tree will unfortunately appear very denuded and truncated for the rest of the year. However, the aim is to save the tree and over time fresh growth should restore the tree to a healthy appearance.

Dutch Elm Disease

The Garden Subcommittee unfortunately has to report that Dutch elm disease infested the Wych Elm tree in the south-east corner of the garden. One large, diseased branch was removed and with the diagnosis confirmed, the Council authorised and directed the removal of the rest of the tree as soon as possible. This is very sad but unavoidable. Tree surgeons removed the tree in July and injected the stump with the recommended pesticide. It will be dug out completely in due course.