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Join the Garden Management Subcommittee.  We need help!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to serve on the Garden Management Subcommittee.

Specifically we need people for this postion:

  • Communications Officer. Manage the website, send out email notifications, make a Newsletter.

    contact us if you can help us!

Volunteer to Work in the Garden : It’s Fun!

We regularly arrange gardening days (usually on weekend afternoons) when all residents are invited to come help us keep the garden in shape.  There are things for the whole family to do: planting, weeding, working on the paths, maintenance of the play area, and so forth.  If you are interested please contact us and we will e-mail you with the dates of upcoming gardening days.

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E-mail Us:

Post:       Earl’s Court Square Garden Management Subcommittee, 32 Earl’s Court Square, London SW5 9DQ

Feel free to get in touch and give us your ideas on the running of the Garden.

The Members of Your Garden Management Subcommittee

Katrina Quinton, Chairman  Katrina was first introduced to Earls Court Square in 1997 and became a resident of the square in 2001 and has loved and enjoyed the garden and its breath of air since she first entered it.  The square has been a wonderful place to escape to from a basement flat and has also witnessed two step-daughters changing from young girls to young women and two sons learning to crawl, walk, play and making friends.   

A love of flowers and growing things has always been part of life which has been somewhat thwarted and frustrated by a north facing basement flat (saying that the hellebores and camellias are rather good and paeonies and clematis make a good effort!).  The decision not to move to a house and garden meant that the invitation to join the garden committee was welcomed with open arms and has generated friendships and a wonderful opportunity to get muddy and relish plant catalogues.


Anastasia Bouvier, Secretary 


Tom Brown, Treasurer


Victor Smith, Gardener Emeritus Victor has lived in the square from 1967.  He has been a member of the Garden Committee for twenty years.  He was employed as the gardener for many years and during that time obtained for the garden a recommendation, a third prize, a second prize and a first prize.  He drives a Mercedes and is a keen cyclist.  His favourite sport is sailing and he keeps a yacht on the Solent.


Kevin Colgan 

Heidi Bradner

Nadine van der Meulen

Richard Rollefson  Richard has lived in the Square since 1993.  He was Chairman of the Earl’s Court Square Residents’ Association for three years and has served on the Garden Management Subcommittee since 1997.  In his spare time he has produced this website and begs your indulgence for its many failings.


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