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Access to the two gates of the Garden is provided by electronic keyfobs.

How to Obtain a New Keyfob

  • Who is eligible?  Access to the Garden is regulated by the Kensington Improvement Act 1851 as implemented by the Garden Subcommittee.  Two groups of residents of Earls Court Square can obtain access:
    • Garden Rate Payer: All owners and long-term tenants who pay the Garden Charge with their Council Tax  in the properties fronting the garden enclosure i.e. the following addresses -- odd numbers 17-31 and 51-69 Earl’s Court Square, even numbers 12-26 and 30-52 Earl’s Court Square, Herbert Court Mansions, and Matière Place (numbers 33 and 33A Earl’s Court Square and Flats Numbers 6, 12, 21, 25 and 31 at 35-37 Earl’s Court Square) -- have a legal right to garden access.
    • Garden Subscriber: Council tax payers living in Earl’s Court Square outside the Garden Charge-paying area at the following addresses --  odd numbers 1-15 & 45 Earl’s Court Square, even numbers 2-6 Earl’s Court Square, Northgate House, Langham Mansions, Wetherby Mansions, Matière Place (except for the flat numbers listed in the point above) -- may apply to become subscription-paying keyfob holders, subject to availability and at the discretion of the Garden Subcommittee acting on the vote of Garden Charge-payers at the AGM.
  • Obtaining an application form. 
    • First you must check above to see if you are eligible for Garden access.  Ineligible applications will not be accepted.
    • You can obtain an application in one of three ways:
    • Download the Application for Keyfob from this site.
      • E-mail a request for an application by sending an e-mail to
      • Post a request for an application by writing to the Garden Secretary, 32 Earl’s Court Square, London SW5 9DQ.
  • Completing the application:
    • Follow the instructions on the form to complete and submit it, preferably by e-mail for efficient handling..
  • Obtaining the Keyfob:
    • Upon acceptance of your completed application, Council Tax Statement, proof of identity and fee, you will receive a keyfob.

How to Replace a Lost or Damaged Keyfob

  • If you lose your keyfob, you must obtain another application form, complete it according to the instructions for a lost keyfob, and submit it together with a non-refundable keyfob replacement fee of £60.00 according to the instructions on the form.  (This fee is payable for both Garden Rate Payers and Garden Subscribers and is intended to cover the cost of deactivating the old keyfob and obtaining and activating a new keyfob).  You will be notified when you can collect your replacement keyfob.  Non-functioning keyfobs will be replaced for a fee of £30.00.  The non-functioning keyfobs must be returned together with the application and fee

Wheelchair Access

  • The gate on the northern side of the garden offers level access to the garden from the pavement. There are no steps or obstacles on the pathway through the garden. The gates do not at present have an automatic opening mechanism but do close automatically. We are aware wheelchair access is not ideal and a user may need assistance to activate the keyfob mechanism and open the gate fully.

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